Box Name : Hackerfest 2019

Source : VulnHub

Difficulty : Easy


First I ran the following command :

nmap -sV -sC -oA -F

Here was the ip of the box hosted in the VM.After scanning we get the following result

Fig.1 Nmap Scan

I saw an http service is running on…

Points : 250

Cipher Text : 4-’3evh?’c)7%t#e-r,g6u#.9uv#%tg2v#7g’w6gA

The Pico CTF was held this month with lots of sec challenges in it.One challenge that was really solved from scratch by me was this

Caesar Cipher 2 .

A string was given which was supposed to be a ciphertext …..wait not just a normal cipher text but a cipher…

Tushar Kulkarni

Security Enthusiast | A Web App Developer Sometimes

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