Helping Zelda Capture Flags-Nullcon HackIM 2020

1. Zelda and the Zombies

The Binary/Game for all the first three challenges was same so we had to find all first three flags in the same game only.

  1. When Zelda Fires using sword.
Fig.Flag 1

2. Zelda at the Swamp

Task : Make Zelda reach the Flag in a restricted area which is a pond.Now ,I tried too many things for this challenge but wasn’t able to get the flag one is by changing the Zelda’s Y Axis When we reach near the pond.

Fig 2.Failed Attempt
Fig 3. Flag 2

3. Zelda crossing the land’s end

Task : Make Zelda cross the land’s end i.e. again Make him explore the unrestricted area that usually the character can’t explore .Here X and Y Axis of Player come handy.

Fig 4.Flag 3

4. Zelda in space

Task : Now that all land challenges are over .Zelda is sent to space Where there are 6 buttons .Going through each button generates a keyword in top left cornet such as pepper , salt etc.We have to correctly generate the sequence and Reach final destination to get the flag

Fig 5.Checkpoint Check code
Fig 6.Decrypt Code
Fig 7. Additional Data
Fig 8. Additional “0” String



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